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Sterling Black Car is a unique executive transportation company created by drivers, for drivers, with one simple goal in mind – to provide every passenger with high-quality private car service at the best possible rates.

When booking with broker companies, you are relying on someone who entrusts your trip to someone else, often the lowest bidder. Some “rideshare” companies put the offer over their network and the driver is assigned by the luck of the draw. Neither method is conducive to providing consistent, quality service.

Sterling Black Car drivers have a vested personal interest to always go above the minimum call of duty. That old adage
“if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” certainly applies to transportation, because happy drivers make happy passengers.

As we serve our clients throughout Southern California, and all of you just visiting, keep this in mind: we don’t want to just meet your expectations… we want to soundly exceed them.

With us, it’s personal.

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Business Member / Operations / Commercial Driver
Having grown up in Southern California, then moving away for his college years to the state of Nebraska, where he won national awards for athletic excellence, Scott and his family returned to San Juan Capistrano, their home for 20 years.Scott firmly knows that customers expect great service, reliably on time performance, and an enjoyable experience.Having performed at the highest level of collegiate athletics, has given him a unique perspective on the effort required to consistently excel, and he applies his knowledge to ensure every one of our passengers receives service beyond their expectations.
Business Member / Marketing / Commercial Driver
It has been 44 years since Akis followed his parents to the US as an 11 year old, but the shock of the wide roads, multiple lanes, and traffic of the LA freeway system has never faded. After becoming acclimated to the language, the culture, and the increasing traffic that bedevils Southern California, he spent 10 years looking for a place he wanted to call home, but realized nothing measured up to the diversity, opportunity, and entertainment options of Los Angeles, Having developed a passion for driving, Akis drove a limousine part time during college and the experience became a calling. Today, his mission is to keep our passengers satisfied, entertained whenever needed, and not only to get them to their destination on time, but to make sure our clients never doubt their car will be there.
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We serve Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and Ventura Counties.

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